Why Trust Us?

Care Recruitment Experts

At Home Care Careers, we have one aim. To find the very best care workers and match them with suitable jobs. Because we are specialists we understand your requirements and we understand?what?our candidates are looking for, meaning that when we send you a vetted candidate, they will be suitable for your role and highly motivated to secure the position.

Quality Counts

We work with the leading care companies and it is important to us that we always provide the right candidates. We want to make sure that candidates are matched with you because they are the right candidate and yours is the right job for them. That is why we don’t pay our team commissions and they never cold call. There is no incentive for our team to put someone forward for a role not suited to them. That means we’re always on the same side – seeking to find the best candidates who can contribute to improving the lives of your service providers.

Proactive Service

When you post your job on Home Care Careers, you will be assigned an account manager who will ensure that you have the best possible response to your vacancy. We use many different methods to find the best care employees for you and as well as being very familiar with the care sector, all of our team are up to date with the latest recruitment trends and techniques.

We are glad that you have found us and we look forward to assisting you to find your ideal employees. We look forward to working with you.